Power of Ten

10 Up

Learning Outcomes

  • Learning to subitize and order the numbers to ten.
  • Learning the ordinal numbers to 5 (1st, 2nd … 5th)


Shuffle 2 decks of Power of Ten cards together. Deal 10 cards to each player, face down in a line. Place the remaining cards face down in a ‘pick-up’ pile in the centre.

1.  Player 1 chooses a card from the ‘pick-up’ pile in the centre.

2.  The card is placed face up in the appropriate ‘spot’.

3.  She turns over the card that was face down in that ‘spot’ and sees if it fits in a remaining ‘spot’ (whatever is not face up in the number line).

4.  She continues until the card turned over cannot be used in the number line, either because it is already there or it does not fit in the number line.

5.  If the card cannot be used, she places it in a ‘discard’ pile (face up).

6.  Player 2 takes a turn and can draw from the ‘pick-up’ pile or the ‘discard’ pile.

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Friendly Concentration Face Off
Friendly Concentration
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