Power of Ten

Face Off

Learning Outcomes

Learning to subitize the numbers to 10; developing automaticity for subitization (getting faster at recognizing the numbers).


1. Each player has a deck of 20 cards. Each deck is shuffled and placed face down.

2. Player 1 and 2 simultaneously flip over the cards, and state the values of each. The player with the card showing the greatest number of coloured squares (the largest number) wins that round.

3. The Player who wins each round takes the cards and puts them in his/her own stash of winnings.

4. Very young children may be able to play this game without being able to say the numbers on the cards. However, by age 5 or 6, it’s important for the child to be able to say the number out loud.

5. The winner is the person who has the most cards at the end of the game.

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10 Up Double Double
10 Up
Double Double
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