Power of Ten

Friendly Concentration

Learning Outcomes

  • Subitizing to 10 and portioning 10 into 2 parts.
  • Addition to ten.
  • Developing spatial sense through arrays.


The object of the game is to obtain as many “friendly pairs” (2 cards which add up to ten) as possible.

1. Shuffle the cards and spread them face down on a table or on the floor. Arrange the cards in a 3 x 6 grid.

2. Player 1 turns over two cards, one at a time, while pronouncing the value of each. He/She is looking for a two-card combination that adds up to ten. When the two cards have a value that equals ten, the player takes both cards and continues to take another turn. If the two cards upturned do not equal a value of ten, the cards are then returned face down to the spread.

3. Player 2 then takes his turn and turns over two cards, stating the value of each.

4. The game continues until all cards have been claimed.

5. The winner is the person who retains the most cards.

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Select the Power of Ten Cards
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