Power of Ten

Power of Nine Faceoff

Learning Outcomes

Learning to add 9 to a number; developing a sense of pattern in numbers.



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1. Each player places a nine-card face up on the floor or table before him. He then draws another card that he places face up alongside his nine-card. The player then states the combined value of the two cards. The player with the highest total takes the two non-nine cards and retains them.  If there’s a tie, play another round; the player with the highest total then takes all the non-nine cards.

2. Each player’s nine-card remains in place as he turns over another card to place alongside it. Again, the person with the greatest total removes the two non-nine cards.

3. The game continues until the cards run out. Whoever has the most cards at the end of the game wins!

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Power of Eight Faceoff
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