Power of Ten

Slap Jack

Learning Outcomes

Subtraction through identifying a difference of one.


1. Each player has one deck of 20 cards which he shuffles.
2. Both player #1 and player #2 turn over a card.
3. Both players are looking for two cards that have a difference of 1.
When this occurs, the players slap their hands on the table and say
4. The player who slaps first (his or her hand will be on the bottom if both
players slap together) gets all the cards turned up in both players’ piles.
If a player says “ONE” incorrectly, the other player gets the cards.
5. Once all the cards in the two decks have been played, reshuffle and
start again.
6. Play continues until one player has won all the cards or a time limit
(5 minutes) has been reached.


Once the child has mastered Slap Jack 1, you can make this game slightly more challenging by changing the objective to finding a difference of 2, 3, 4, etcetera.

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