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Workshop FAQ’s

About the Presenters

All Power of Ten presenters have attended several Power of Ten workshops and at least one Power of Ten Trainers’ Workshop. Most of the trainers have presented workshops in other curriculum areas and several have worked at the district or university level. Many have post graduate degrees in curriculum and some have a specialty in mathematics education. The Power of Ten/Teachable Moment system can be melded with almost any other textbook or system. It is grounded on solid pedagogical principles and the trainers often regard other systems or ideas as strategies that may work in some circumstances but not in others. Therefore, there is no set way that a Power of Ten workshop can be delivered. Presenters must espouse their own beliefs in the context of the Power of Ten/Teachable Moment system. If presenters do not do this they may well sacrifice some of their own beliefs and principles and their presentations will lack authenticity and enthusiasm.

This is why all workshops are negotiated directly with the presenter. Each presenter brings different experience and it is important that the booking school or district understand who they are booking and why their experience is relevant. Similarly each presenter sets his/her own honorarium (presently between $500 and $1000).


Naturally the school or district will need to cover the presenter’s expenses. Expenses may include:

  • Travel including air, ferry, taxis and/or mileage at the district rate.
  • Meals on route and before and after (during the workshop the school provides the lunch).
  • Accommodation.
  • Release time from teaching duties (the school or district will often have to contact the presenter’s district prior to the workshop)
  • Copying if the presenter is required to bring copies.

Booking a Workshop?

If you wish to book a school or district workshop please contact us at poweroften@shaw.ca or fax the following to (250) 744-2673 – provide the following details – we will put you in contact with a trainer.

  • Location of Workshop
  • Name of District or School
  • Number of Teachers Attending (approx)
  • Name of Contact Person
  • School Telephone Number
  • School Fax Number
  • Alternate Telehone Number
  • Primary: Intermediate
  • Date of Workshop

Note: Power of Ten now has a number of trained workshop leaders. Please contact poweroften@shaw.ca for a workshop leader in your province (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario).

Sample Chapters

To view and print sample chapters (which are handed out at conferences or school workshops) from the
Mathematics As a Teachable Moment Series, select from the following list of PDF documents:

Blackline Masters (Primary)
How Many Ways (Primary)
Fractions, Decimal Fractions, Percent (Intermediate)
Blackline Masters (Intermediate)
Problem Solving (Intermediate)
Weekly Graph (Intermediate)

Cancellation Policy

Workshops or attendance at a Power of Ten conference may be cancelled if notice is received thirty days in advance. If cancelled in less than thirty days then transportation costs that have been already paid by the Power of Ten will need to be fully or partially recovered depending on the conditions of the airline, automobile rental company or hotel.

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