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About the Owner

Anita Payan is the owner of Power of Ten Educational Consulting Ltd. She prepares and delivers math workshops in English or French, supporting teachers, administrators and parents in their quest for improved mathematics instruction. Anita has presented workshops to teachers in BC, AB, ON, NS and NB. Over the past 20+ years, she has helped her own classroom students develop solid skills in the fundamentals of math.Anita has a Bachelor of Education Degree from Université de Moncton and a Diploma in Advanced Undergraduate Studies with majors in Numeracy and Literacy from UNB.

Anita was introduced to Power of Ten early in her teaching career. The philosophy, activities and approach resonated strongly and in 2009, Anita further trained with Trevor and became a Power of Ten Consultant. Anita has been supporting teachers improving their practices and spiraling their math curriculum by sharing the philosophy of teaching the entire math curriculum on a monthly basis. In August 2018, she bought the company from Trevor when he retired. Anita is passionate about sharing the Power of Ten approach for mathematics instruction.

Anita lives in Ottawa with her husband and two children. When she is not giving workshops or chauffeuring her children around, she enjoys reading, walking and crafting.

About the Author

Trevor Calkins, creator and author of Power of Ten, has spent his adult life studying how children develop numeracy. As teacher and administrator, he thoughtfully observed children struggling with numeracy skills, who “just can’t do math”. Equally, teachers expressed frustration about their inability to “get through to the kids”.

After years of observation, questioning, and studying, Trevor concluded that many of the old methods of teaching numeracy and mathematics were not working; new approaches were required.

Power of Ten was the result of his effort.

Combining his experience with formal study of current brain research, Trevor has developed a system which guides teachers and give students a fresh and exciting way to develop numeracy skills.

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