Power of Ten

Match It

Learning Outcomes

This is a very important game for young children who are just beginning to familiarize themselves with numbers. It will show them how to subitize the numbers to five or ten, and how to scan a shape for numerosity.


Note: For very young children (3-4 years) who have never used Power of Ten cards before, play Match It with the numbers 1-5. Once they’re able to play with 1-5, play the game with all of the cards.

1. Arrange the cards face up in a 2×5 (or 2×10 if playing with full deck) array.

2. Player 1 picks a card that he knows the same of, then finds the other card with the same number. If the player does not know the name, he may count. It’s important that the parent or teacher watch to see if the child counts systematically (ie: row of five, then row of four to get nine, or counts by pointing at two in the same row such as the bottom two, next two, etc).

3. Player 2 then does the same. If Player Two is a parent, then the parent should choose one card, and then prompt the child by asking, for example, “Can you help me find the other three?”.

Take turns until there are no more cards left.
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Concentration Power of Ten Faceoff
Power of Ten Faceoff
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